Hays eagle nest Pgh Pa | Videomark

Hays eagle nest Pgh Pa
Recorded on Pittsburgh Bald Eagles on
2014-03-15 | 19:07:55 +-4:00
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Hays eagle nest Pgh Pa

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2014-03-16 | 2:49:27 +00:00
Panning the area looking for dad to see where he is roosting. He could not be seen from the camera but was surely in a tree somewhere around just out of view.


bald eagle
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Created by: Kent Yucky
Camera: Tau Game Lodge
Red Hartebeest at Tau, another first for me on WildEarth.
14 hours ago
Created by: bj bear2
Camera: Pete's Pond
A good way to start your morning if a hyena, pool party!
15 hours ago